Get started with FC4

Installing FC4

Using Homebrew:

brew cask install adoptopenjdk11-jre chromium
brew install fundingcircle/floss/fc4

For other methods, please see the full installation instructions.

Installing Structurizr

FC4 was created at a time when Structurizr Limited hosted a publicly-accessible instance of Structurizr Express. This is no longer the case.

As of this writing, anyone who wishes to use FC4 must run the on-premisis version of Structurizr, which includes Structurizr Express.

Running Structurizr

Users are referred to the Structurizr documentation for instructions on running Structurizr.

Please note: the port specified in the example Docker command in that page is 8080; FC4 therefore uses that port in its default URL for Structurizr Express. If you need to use a different port, use the FC4 CLI option --structurizr-express-url (or -u) and supply a value other than the default (which is http://localhost:8080/express).

Authoring Diagrams

Abridged workflow:

  1. Start Structurizr (docs)
  2. Run in your terminal: fc4 -fsrw path/to/diagram.yaml/or/dir
  3. Open a YAML file in your text editor and edit it
    1. Either a YAML file specified directly or one in or under a specified directory
  4. Whenever you save the file, fc4-tool will see the change, clean up the file (overwriting it) and render the diagram to a PNG file (overwriting that file, if it already existed)
  5. When you’d like to wrap up your session:
    1. Save the file one last time and wait for fc4-tool to format, snap, and render it
    2. Hit ctrl-c to exit fc4-tool
    3. Run git status and you should see that the YAML file has been created/changed and its corresponding PNG file has also been created/changed
    4. Commit both files

For the full workflow, please see The Authoring Workflow.

Next steps

We recommend you review the user manual.

Help & Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback please create an issue and one of the maintainers will get back to you shortly.