The FC4 Framework

FC4 is a framework for authoring, publishing, and maintaining software architecture diagrams.

It builds on the C4 Model and Structurizr Express, both of which were created by and are maintained by Simon Brown.

It has two components:

It originated at and is maintained by Funding Circle.

To get started, we recommend reading the methodology. If you have any questions or feedback please create an issue and one of the maintainers will get back to you shortly.

The Name

FC4 is not (yet) an acronym or initialism; it doesn’t stand for anything — it’s “just” a name.

The name is a combination of “FC” and “C4” — the former is a reference to Funding Circle, the originating context of the framework; the latter to Simon Brown’s C4 model, the foundation of the framework.


Copyright © 2018 Funding Circle Ltd.

Distributed under the BSD 3-Clause License.