5. Installation « FC4 User Manual


  1. A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK)
  2. On MacOS if you have Homebrew you can run brew cask install adoptopenjdk11-jre
  3. An installation of Chrome or Chromium 70–83 (inclusive)
    1. On MacOS:
      1. If you have Homebrew you can run brew cask install chromium
      2. Chromium/Chrome must be at either /Applications/Chromium.app or /Applications/Google Chrome.app
  4. The on-premisis version of Structurizr

Download and Install

With Homebrew

Homebrew is the recommended installation method for anyone using Linux, MacOS, or Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Once you’ve installed Homebrew, you can install FC4 with this command:

brew install fundingcircle/floss/fc4

If you cannot use Homebrew, or would prefer not to, you can manually download and install the tool:


  1. Download the archive for your platform from the latest release
  2. Expand the archive
  3. Optional: move the extracted files to somewhere on your $PATH
    1. e.g. mv ~/Downloads/fc4/fc4* ~/bin/

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