4. The Toolset « The FC4 Methodology

The current toolset for authoring and editing FC4 diagrams is:

Tool Description Uses
Any text editor The diagrams are just YAML files, so they’re just text!
  • Creating the diagram files
  • Authoring/editing the semantic contents of the diagrams: the elements, relationships, etc
fc4-tool A command-line tool that supports and facilitates working with FC4 diagrams.
  • Formatting the YAML source of the diagrams so they’re diffable, reviewable, and easier to edit
  • Snapping elements and vertices to a virtual grid
  • Rendering the diagrams
Structurizr Express A Web app for authoring and rendering C4 diagrams. Provided gratis by Structurizr.
  • Graphical authoring/editing the diagrams
  • Rendering the diagrams

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